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Solo Travelling can be addictive

 You know by now that I love travelling, but I also love my independence. I do enjoy traveling with friends and family, but some of my best trips have been as a solo traveller.


    When you travel on your own you decide everything. Your pace, your rules, no compromise or commitment to anyone else. When you travel with someone else you have to adapt to them. But sometimes it can get annoying very quickly if you are travelling with the wrong person, "that is too expensive! I am tired! I prefer to go to another place!"

I agree with myself most times and we have a great relationship and I have realised that the more I travel the more demanding I get to find a good travel mate. It's not only difficult to find someone that is adaptable but also that you can match your schedules so to travel when is good for both of you. So if you only travel when you have a travel partner, you are limiting yourself way too much.

      One of the things I appreciate the most about traveling solo is how peaceful and calm it is. You can go to your room alone, meditate, listen to music, or just rest. Also, if yo are not a morning person like me you probably prefer not talking to people first thing in the morning, specially before coffee!

     Another perk about traveling solo is the amount of people you meet. When you are traveling with people you don't eel the need to socialize. However, traveling solo means you spend a lot of time alone, without the chance to talk to anyone regularly. Sometimes you live experiences during a trip that you need to share with others, have a drink together or just go for a day trip with someone. Solo travellers tend to approach strangers more often than people traveling in a group. I have tons of people I have met traveling alone and I am still in contact with them, so it is a great way to make friends! You get to know people from everywhere, with amazing stories behind. During my backpacker trip to Thailand, I met five guys from Barcelona and I ended up sharing a room with them in a hostel. These guys introduced me to a couple from Argentina that they had met in Vietnam. Two young entrepreneurs that spent six months working and saving and six months traveling and working from a laptop, how cool! A bit later we made arrangements to have dinner in Bangkok. I told them I wanted to go to Honk Kong so they made an itinerary for me. Five years later she was living in Beijing. I was receiving offers to work in China, Malaysia, Dubai and Germany, but I contacted her to discuss the offer and the life conditions in Beijing. Thanks to her I accepted the offer and spent two great years living in China that made me grow as a person a lot.

This is the whole philosophy around Smile Travel Learn. Smile at people when you travel, good vibes, they smile back at you and most of the times, you build strong bonds that last forever. Travel, because the more you travel, the more people you meet. And Learn, because the more people you meet, the more opportunities you have to learn from them. I traveled to Thailand, I met my Argentinian friends, I smiled with them and we built a good friendship over the years, and finally I learned a lot about many different things and countries from them, but especially about living in China.


     I wrote this post because many people limit themselves and stop traveling when they can't find a travel mate. That's not a good enough reason to stop! Many times the best experiences are to be found when you are alone. Nowadays we have tons of information and safety is not longer an issue in many countries around the world. The amount of solo travellers around the world is huge, and everyday I see more and more females traveling solo which makes me happy because in some cultures there is this taboo about women travelling alone, "without a man to protect them". No one should limit themselves out of fear or what people will say!

Are you thinking about travelling solo? We help you with a personalised itinerary, all the info you need, tons of advice, all the guide you need step by step to visit the places you want to see. If you fear traveling solo, just DON’T. You are missing amazing experiences for no reason. Fear is the worst human disability. Contact us now and live your unique solo travel experience. 

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