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Croatia worthy of its fame

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I still remember the excitement of my first trips, how I arrived to places and fell absolutely in love with them. With time, I got more demanding, the more I see the more difficult to impress me. I kind of miss that feeling to be honest, now it takes a lot for a destination to satisfy me completely. I traveled to Croatia convinced that it was going to be a good trip, but I never expected it to blow my mind as it did.

Croatia weather is lovely in summer, although it can be very hot. Comfortable clothes, sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and mosquito repellent are necessary. Accommodation and food is slightly expensive, but not insane. Especially if you are a group of 4 or more. For couples can be a little bit expensive. The best options are renting homes or apartments from locals instead of hotels. You can find them in booking.com and Airbnb. However, tourist attractions, tours, visits etc… are overpriced. Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want to do many things in Croatia.

A cheap way to arrive to Croatia is flying to Trieste or Venezia in Italy. Ryanair and other low cost companies offer ridiculous prices. Other good airports, but more expensive are Split and Dubrovnik. Honestly, if you travel for 10 days or less, you don’t want to go further in the north. If you happen to pass by Zagreb, you can spend an hour in the city centre, if not, it is not worthy to go. My family and I decided to go to Slovenia and Croatia, so I planned a trip for us. We moved from Venezia, so you can enjoy a day over there walking around the city, eating a pizza and Italian ice cream as dessert, one of the biggest pleasures in life.

From Venezia we traveled to Ljubljana with FlixBus. You can find the tickets here. Very cheap, reliable and with tons of options. Once in Ljubljana, and this is the best advice I can give you, we rented a car. If someone design your trip and it does not include a car, let me tell you that you won't enjoy Croatia as it deserves. A car gives you freedom, but also access to cheap accommodations because you don't restrict yourself to places close to public transport.

Now that you know how to move around Croatia, let me tell you where I would take you if I plan your personalised trip. I have to mention Krka waterfalls and Plitvice lake. Both of them give you amazing landscapes, but also they are crowded, especially Krka waterfalls. Golden tip: if you go after 4pm is cheaper, and also you will find much less people around. Since 2019, Plitvice Lakes need to be booked in advance online. If you plan to go, do not forget to do it, you can do it in this link. For Krka, although it is not compulsory yet (but in my opinion will be soon) you can purchase your tickets here. Another secret tip is related to Plitvice Lakes, indeed the best of this visit is a very cute village 1 hour away Rastoke, a MUST VISIT and a cheaper option to stay instead of the lakes.

Plitvice lake

Dubrovnik has become well-known because Games of Thrones. It is located a bit far from other attractions, 5 hours car from Split. If you come from Italy or Slovenia is a long trip. That is why we were debating if it was worthy to drive 5 hours one way and 5 hours back just to see this city. Well, fans of Game of Thrones that were traveling with us kind of forced us to go, and we did it, and let me tell you that it was the best decision made in the trip. Dubrovnik is just gorgeous. Insane. Walk the famous walls and walk around the old city, it is amazing. Be prepared for an overcrowded place if you travel in summer. Anyway, it is worth the visit. My advice is to avoid driving your own car, it will be a nightmare to drive into the city and finding parking (police sometimes block the roads if too many cars in the city, you would be trapped) Use public transport or even taxi boat instead to get in, you won’t regret.


Moving now to the coast side, The most convenient cities to departure to the islands are either Split for the northern islands (Hvar, Vis, Brac) or Dubrovnik for Korcula and southern islands. the most famous islands in Croatia are Hvar and Brac. I would say, skip both and go to Vis. It is the furthest one from the coast but definitely the nicest one. It is not overcrowded and beaches are outstanding. It is also the closest one to the Blue cave and Stiniva beach It definitely worths the visit. Traveler advice, SKIP Zlatni Rat (Brac) you will be disappointed. I personally did not like Hvar, too posh, too crowded, Too commercial. However, Pakleni Islands right in the coast of Hvar, is a cool visit. My advice is renting a small boat with small engine (about 100 euros) and visit the multiple beaches on your own. Really great day. Another great island is Korcula, you can do a hop islands over there using the taxi boats, or move to one of the most impressive beaches in the world Proizd beach in Proizd island. For a more detailed information contact us, we have tons of links where you can find the best hidden gems in the Croatian islands.

Pula bay

My honest conclusion about Croatia is that if you do not have it in your wish list, you need to add it right now. For a bespoke trip to Croatia and hassle-free trip, contact us now and we will craft the perfect experience for your needs.

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