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Don't take our word for it! Read and see some of our customers experiences before you plan yours.


I decided to give Smile Travel Learn a go because I knew about Borja's travels all around the globe so I knew his recommendations were going to be genuine and based in his own experiences.


When we had a chat over the phone, he knew exactly what I needed and he also kept an open channel to ask for any more information if I needed to.  

One of my favourite experiences was visiting the Bagan Temples, they are over 2200 spread all over the land, but thanks to Borja's tip we got to visit some of the most breathtaking scenes of all Bagan.

If you are thinking of travelling to an exotic land, then no doubt let Smile Travel Learn help you! I can't wait to plan my next adventure with them!

Travel to: Myanmar



I had been following STL Instagram for a while, the pictures were so amazing that gave me the motivation that I needed for my first big trip to Indonesia. 

Once I filled the form, Borja contacted me within a couple of hours and schedule a video call with me where he asked me a lot of questions about me and what I was expecting from my trip. 

I don't know how he does it, but his contacts in Indonesia helped me to have the best time! I stayed on a boat where I slept under the stars and ate the most amazing fresh fish. Then the boat took me to this remote islands where I saw sharks and turtles right by me while I was snorkelling. Everything was so cheap and the experiences will be very hard to beat!

Travel to: Indonesia



I decided to travel with Smile Travel Learn because a friend of mine recommended to me, I wanted to visit amazing places and have interesting activities to do and Borja found me the best ones!

I didn't have to worry about anything, he booked, planned, arrange anything that was needed.

I loved Malaysia, it was definitely a change to what I am used to, and I enjoyed every second of it, I was also on the beach while it was cold back home so that was a massive plus! My favourite part of the trip was discovering the Perhentian Islands, some very remote islands that I am sure I wouldn't have seen if it wasn't for STL.

Travel to: Malaysia



A friend of mine recommended me to travel with Borja as he knew him quite well. I was no disappointed by the hype!

Borja was always available to answer my questions and the services and offering didn't have any small print, so no surprises before the trip!

I love hiking so the place was perfect for it, there were lots of routes and the weather was very good so that really helped. It was a very calm placed with friendly and approachable people and quite cheap for the day to day stuff. 


Travel to: Portugal (Azores)


I am not use to travel that much, so I knew I needed help. Even though it was a short trip, Borja made sure that I enjoyed Vienna the right way, my highlight was enjoying a Vals of Strauss that I will never forget. 

Great communications from the beginning and even he messaged me after the trip to ask how it went, you don't get that with a travel agency!

Getting in the mood of planning my next trip with Smile Travel Learn as I am writing this!

Travel to: Austria



Me and my friend were quite lost and didn't know where to start when we were planning our trip to Thailand, so we decided to get recommendations from Smile Travel Learn.

We really asked lots of questions and had so many doubts, but Borja was always so patient and helped us to figure out the best places to go, I mean Thailand is huge! 

We loved the time we shared among elephants, feeding them, giving them a bath, it was so special! Also we immersed completely into the Thai culture when we went to Chang Mai. 

Leave your trip in their hands, you won't regret it!

Travel to: Thailand



We were recommended by a few friends to go with Smile Travel Learn. In fact we weren't sure about where to go so Borja helped us to pick up Croatia when we talked via video call. He listened to our needs very carefully and kept in touch throughout all the process to help us with anything we needed.  He always gave us different options and ideas for us to make a decision so that was great. 

If we hadn't travelled through STL, we had probably spent more money overall. He recommended us the best places he had already been to and he even put us in contact with a Croatian man that showed us a few local places that we couldn't have probably found out if it wasn't for him. 

We 100% recommend travelling with STL!

Travel to: Croatia


We chose Smile Travel Learn because we wanted something special and detailed, we wanted a mix of touristy things as well as places more known to the locals. 

The process was simple and easy, Borja planned everything from the flight down to scheduling the activities in Phuket, we were able to maximise our time and not feel rushed, we only had 5 days. 

Our favourite part was the visit to a private island which was away from most tourists and provided the relaxation and peace we needed. 

Thank you so much! We are looking forward to plan our Summer holiday with STL. 

Travel to: Thailand