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About us

Smile Travel Learn started as a simple idea: a passion for travelling.
Borja is a born and bred Canary living in Thailand. He spends his time in Bangkok  teaching Spanish, dancing salsa and planning his next adventure. 
He plans his trips with an open mind and a big smile and also thinking about enjoying the well known landscapes and sights, but also avoiding the crowds, tourist traps and overpriced and overrated experiences. Instead, he makes sure he gets involved in the real native culture, to learn first hand how people from the places he visits live.
Borja started planning trips for family and friends because he wanted to help them avoid paying for overcrowded vacations. He believes that travelling should be for everyone, and it is possible to live unbelievable experiences without spending much money. Travelling is not expensive, travelling without the right information is expensive.
He wants to help others to live and experience adventures from another perspective, not as a tourist but as a traveller. He wants you to live and learn like a local and become rich with memories that will last a lifetime. He wants you to enjoy traveling as much as he does, and if you trust him at least once, he will show you it is even possible to love it.
Smile, Travel and Learn.



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